UCAN submission to the Wellington City Council Long Term Housing Strategy

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On Thursday 24 May, UCAN presented the following submission to the Wellington City Council Housing Strategy.

We want to record our support for the draft Strategy and thank the Council for the leadership it has shown in this area. We also acknowledge the importance of the social housing provided by the City and the improvements that have been and are being made to that housing stock.

Given the progress that has been made we ask the Council to consider taking the following action when finalising the Council Housing Strategy:

  •          Delegate the Council’s governance responsibilities for the strategy clearly.
  •          Define the enabling role of the Council explicitly.
  •          Commit to a continuation of the Council’s role as leader, facilitator and advocate for a housing mix that ensures ‘all Wellingtonians are well housed’.
  •          Define the other agencies with political (as distinct from operational) responsibilities for ensuring there is an appropriate mix of social housing.
  •          Define the populations that require ‘social housing’, including citizens with enduring mental illnesses.
  •          Define the critical interfaces that are required to maintain an appropriate mix of supported housing for people with mental illness, particularly health services.
  •          Obtain a definitive ‘evidential contribution’ of the level of residential need among people with enduring mental illness from the Capital and Coast District Health Board, as recommended in the Mellsop Report.
  •          Analyse the use of the services developed by the Housing First consortium as an starting point for monitoring and estimating the level and type of supported housing required in Wellington.

This submission does not imply that the Council should change the scope of its operational activities or assume additional responsibilities for providing housing or ‘wrap around’ services.


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