Free Fares on Public Transport

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UCAN has joined the Free Fares Coalition.
It’s not totally what the UCAN Charter calls for, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Free Public Transport is one of the elements surrounding good public health.

Free Fares campaign now live

As part of our work to [promote family well being], we have joined with dozens of organizations from around New Zealand to support the Free Fares Campaign. Together we are calling on Transport Minister Michael Wood to make public transport FREE for all under-25s, tertiary students and Community Service Card holders.

Free fares would be a step to support people, families and communities. Everyone should be able to afford public transport, but the high cost leaves many people reliant on private cars or disconnected from their community. We want to see everyone able to participate fully in society – including those on low incomes – so that people and our communities thrive.

Free fares is also a step to address climate change. Public transport is climate-friendly, but it needs to be affordable to be a viable option. The government is currently shaping its ‘Emissions Reduction Plan’ to respond to climate change. We want them to include free fares as one equitable and courageous action on the scale our climate needs.

Now is the moment for free fares
New Zealand should be a place where everyone can afford public transport to stay connected, enjoy our regions, and travel in a way that’s kind to the environment. But with the high cost of public transport, many people can only afford to travel by private car, causing congestion and harmful carbon emissions.

If you also want to see free fares, sign the petition here:

Kate Day Advocacy Enabler
Anglican Movement 022 315 6499

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