Notes from Newtown & Strathmore Community and Health Network Meetings

August / September 2022

Two meetings were held in August and September with representatives from community health groups, local church groups, health providers, community centres, activists in the Newtown and Strathmore areas and representatives from Te Whatu Ora Capital Coast to talk about the health reforms, locality plans and for networking of health and community agencies working in the area.

Below is a summary of the presentations, discussion, issues, questions and ideas:

Some helpful words on localities:

8 July 2022

A locality is essentially a place-based approach to improving the health of populations, as well as a mechanism for organising health AND social services to meet the needs identified by whānau, community and mana whenua.

There are three characteristics to a locality.

1.      It is a partnership with mana whenua, recognising their tino rangatiratanga.

2.      The approach supports locally led solutions that take a holistic approach to wellbeing, acknowledging the range of other factors that impact on a person’s health.

3.      The locality approach will join up care across communities and improve integration with different layers of the health system.

A three-year locality plan will be developed in collaboration with the locality partnership, Iwi Māori Partnership Boards, Health New Zealand, and the Māori Health Authority. These locality plans will detail how the goals set for a locality will be achieved.

The plans will drive procurement of services by Health New Zealand and the Māori Health Authority and be the basis for monitoring progress.

Communities and consumers of health services in the locality will be actively involved in identifying priorities and aspirations for services and outcomes.