UCANNZ: United Community Action Network NZ


UCAN NZ is a grass-roots organisation that started mid 2012, in response to the CCDHB cutting $250,000 of funds to Newtown Union Health in Wellington. It soon became apparent that the on-going cuts are nation wide and something must be done to stop yet another destructive policy from the government.

With a focus on helping the experts communicate about the impacts of these health cuts to those in charge and the wider public. From Newtown, UCAN NZ , is becoming a nation-wide Network.


1. To raise awareness and provide information, education regarding primary and other funding cuts in the health sector.
2. To provide an alternative primary health care budget to present to the CCDHB.
3. To gather information/stories from primary health care consumers and providers within their communities.
4. To lobby local and national councils/govt bodies regarding health care.
5. To work with local/national councils in launching UCAN’s eat healthy stay healthy campaign setting up and supporting community gardens and veggie co-ops.
6. Address poverty
7. Promote and circulate health petition.
8. Encourage local and national communities to stand up and take positive action against health and other cuts resulting in poverty within their community. i.e. lobby their DHB, write letters to the editor of their local paper.
9. To educate, inform and expose the effects of government’s health cuts and the effect of these cuts on the most vulnerable members of the community.
10. To research and collect data regarding the experience of poverty in NZ by developing a qualitative survey to distribute among lower socio-economic communities.

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