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Petition of Nikki Turner on behalf of United Community Action Network: Removing prescription charges for Community Service Card holders

Published date: 15 Sep 2022

Petition request

That the House of Representatives urge the Government to amend the Health Entitlements Cards Regulations 1993 to remove all prescription costs for Community Service Card holders.

Petition reason

Low-income households are currently experiencing significant hardship. Many are reliant on important medications. We consider that the $5 cost per item to a maximum of 20 items in any one year is a significant barrier to accessing these medications. Some large commercial organisations use their private resources to waive the $5 fee. This is not feasible for many community pharmacies. We believe this problem can be rectified by amending the Health Entitlement Cards Regulations 1993.

Signatures are now being accepted

Closing date: 2 Nov 2022 NZ Time


The petition closing date has been extended until 9 November 2022.

Please follow the link and sign the petition, and tell everyone you know to also sign.

Link to this parliament petition

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